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January 18th, 2008 – 10:23 pm
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This week has been extremely busy. I have obtained feedback from the designs of the previous two Web sites I handed off and although they are demonstrating the features well, the client (who apparently is a design orientated expert… Hmm…) said he’s looking for some more vibrant/jazzy designs.

So I continued to work and rework M1705 Expression Web tutorial/demos. I began to outline plenty of features that Expression Web could demonstrate. Just to clarify, these tutorials are step-lists in which I outline every click/mouse movement, what button to press, menu items and what to type where, all within a document – which is then passed onto another external client which does the video recording of these steps professionally.

I didn’t understand why we, at Content Master couldn’t do the recording ourselves. I would have preferred that! But either way, what I had was plenty too. We were provided with documents to help outline some of the new features. There were particular pillars and bucket lists that outlined information about the product, giving an introduction about Web 2.0 and a comparative features list. Would you believe it though, it’s only now in the project that we receive it. Having spent about a month already, trying to figure things out what the client wants, it is only now they send us what they want to be shown (or at least, some sort of list!). This didn’t just apply to xWeb, but all the other Expression products my colleagues were working on. The team felt quite frustrated as it felt like we had wasted a month of resources on this project.

There are some basic features that they just wanted demonstrated briefly – however they looked for a logical storyline that builds up a Web site from start to finish. Some examples of features included the PSD import, dynamic page layouts (using ASP.NET master pages), importing Silverlight content and built in PHP server. The software also provided workflow capabilities, i.e. to demonstrate how Expression Blend 2 content can be imported directly into xWeb2.

The latest versions of Expression Suite were due to come out in early 2008.

The tools were split up between four of us in the team. The suite included Microsoft Expression Blend, Expression Design, Expression Web and Expression Encoder.

I was allocated Expression Web due to my Web site background experience and which was also a similar design tool to Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. However xWeb2, had the added ability to work closely with Expression Blend and Design and with XAML coding structure – all of which provide Silverlight compatibility.
Generally the graphical user interface Microsoft implemented was a key user friendly feature, which gave the product a lot more object oriented control.

Anyway, by the end of this week, I was quite familiar with what they wanted.

Finally for this week, by the end of this week, we had started the new major project for which we had to apply our project management skills.

This year, the first amendment made to the eLearning team, was that we were no longer known as an eLearning Developer, but instead given a new job title as an eLearning Media Producers.

This was a result of project managing one of the three collections of 6460ae, 6461ae and 6462ae – Visual Studio 2008 for which each contained 10 courses. Out of those 10 courses I was assigned five, however I was also looked upon the team to take on any other courses that required assistance if colleagues were busy producing other media.

This was only an introduction as to what was going to happen in these courses. Not much time was spent looking into this for now, as Expression was priority. Only about two hours per day were spent looking into VS2008. More details on this project later on

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