Day out in Cardiff

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Me on a train alone?! After passing through the streets of Cardiff, I noticed this tank... And I told my future sister-in-law (Sultana), to point at a fire-extinguisher on the side of a tank. She asked "why?" - *sigh*
Sultana and the still life fox. Hee hee - look it's a badger. I think they're off to have sex... I mean they look well determined. The mum's inside calling in the dad, who's replying "co..." er, i think you get the idea actually. (Oh and that's why my eyes are closed - I don't want to watch them now do I!) - erk - you dirty people.
Eek, a bird. I'm pointing at it. It's rude to point. Remember that kids. Don't diss the chewii stick.
Just a general shot of me. Invading Britain already!? Happy days!
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Description: Went to Cardiff for the day.
Location: Cardiff