Treasure Hunter v2

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Treasure Hunter v2

This is the Web site of the group project, during my final year of University.

My role in this project was acting as Lead Programmer.

This includes the design and development of the mobile application, involving Flash AS2, Yahoo! Maps AS2 API, MDM Zinc for Pocket PC and C# for GPS compatibility. The application is designed to work on Windows Mobile (WM) devices. AS2 was a neccessity for compatibilty purposes with WM (only supports Flash Player 7 – nightmare!).

I also lead/managed the PHP/MySQL communication, with the Treasure Hunter mobile application, the creation tool and the Web site.

However note that, my involvement with the design aspect for the creation tool and the Web site was limited as this section of the project was associated to other team members.

My role to monitor, assess and evaluate communication between Flash and PHP was essential for this project to work.

I contributed greatly with the CSS and physical layout of the Web site. Various techniques have also been implemented using PHP, to provide a dynamic interface for the end-user.

The team received an award for Outstanding Technical Innovation which included the seemless integration of PHP, Flash and GPS functionality over Adobe Flash Player 7 platform, on a Windows Mobile Device.