About Me

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I am 29 years old. I live in Gloucester, United Kingdom.

I am a BSc. Hons (1st) graduate in Multimedia with Computing from the University of Gloucestershire. I have also obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education.

I currently work at the University of Gloucestershire as a lecturer in the fields of Computing, Interactive Games Design and Multimedia Web Design. I’m also pursuing a PhD.

In summary, I’m usually occupied with being a:

1. Lecturer in Applications and Games Programming at the UoG
2. Web/Media/Games developer and freelancer
3. Tennis Coach

In 2006, I thought it is about time I start one of these weblogs. They are becoming increasingly popular within the domain of Web design. It is, at the same time, demonstrating my skills for those who are interested in learning not only about me, but the wonders of technology and how I apply it in my own ways and for others.

I am a keen tennis player. In fact, I am a tennis coach. I’ve been coaching professionally for six years now. It is a part-time hobby, which at the same time, settles a few of those odd fees I need to pay off! I have also played for the University of Gloucestershire Tennis Team.

Finally, I am also a keen enthusiast of multimedia in general. This includes the Internet as a whole, website design, programming in various languages, graphic design, music production, video filming, 2D/3D animation and many more which I am sure you will come across, as you browse through the rest of this weblog.

So, I think I’ll leave you with that brief introduction. If you want to know more, there is plenty of information about my daily lifestyle, my work and my friends scattered around the site.

I hope you find at least one of them useful!