Day out in Birmingham

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My first shot with the Bull outside the Bullring. Pidgeons galore.
First technological machine we found when going to the iMax cinema's museum section. This awesome DJ mixer-slider-thing! Was amazing. The 3D glasses you wear to go into the iMax cinema itself. Everything turns 3D! (Not that reality isn't 3D already... You know... ;p )
Ok, so this was a must take when we went into the cinema itself. The actual movie had crashed. My expression gives away the fact of what it says on the sign... Seriously? Wtf?
Just sitting around... Don't know what the building is... Probably just the town hall or something. Looked cool though.
In front of the historial building was a small water-fountain with this sculpture of a naked lady sitting in the middle... (And no - she was not having a wee, from... well you  know where from...). Nicely presented though! Wandii is on the ball.
By the power of COKE ZERO I finally moved the ball... (Actually I just put on the strained face and looked as if I was moving it). Perspective shot that sort of worked out...
Absolutely love this pic. I'm renound for holding my hair on top of my head. Really like the focussing on this pic. Wandii under the Bullring.
Apparently, Wandii is BOSS.  
Photos 1 - 15 out of 15 | Back to Albums
Description: Went out for the day in Birmingham. Wandii and I decided to meet half way. Was good fun!
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom