Visit: zedii.v.1


Creator: Zayd Junglee
Time taken: 3 days
Platform: HTML and Flash
Software used: Notepad, SWiSHmax, Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8

This was my first main personal flash site production. It consisted of various visual elements animating to give an interactive look. The site was created in response to an understanding of Flash.

However, this was also an opportunity for me to explore various other software. As stated above, the software primarily used for this project was SWiSHmax. This is an alternatate flash/vector based animation client, designed to make the handling of “tweening,” an easier task.

After a couple of days experimentation with vector object creation, animation, basic scripting and the general user interface of SWiSHmax – I used the skills learnt to mimic a representation of a site drawn on paper, to the screen. The idea of the site was to portray my lifestyle at the time (of which was based in 6th form school).

I therefore treated this as an upgrade to my knowledge of website production at the time of creation. I felt I had successfully moved that step further, to the development of vector based animation.

By learning to call objects dynamically (this means calling seperate files (e.g. a .txt) to load within the flash movie), this helped to organise the structure of the content on the website.

Furthermore, the addition of audio effects, video compression methods (using Macromedia Flash MX 2004), commands to pause/play, the implementation of local settings (e.g. time and date) and even a dynamic gallery of images; this all helped to realise the need for a unique design, which includes interesting elements throughout.

Overall, at the time of creation, I was very impressed with the outcome. As an introduction to “Flash,” I was keen to move on to more challenging projects.