Animation – 3D

3D Studio Max 2009

3D animation is definitely the way for the future!

I am very keen to understand the concepts around animating objects (as well as waiting for those damn scenes to render!). Nevertheless, the outcome, given the right set of tools and correct sequencing of adding effects, can produce outstanding results.

With an insight of 3D animation since 2004, I have gradually built up some interesting designs from vector graphic 3D animation to merging human reality with virtual reality.

3D Studio Max is most likely “The Daddy” when it comes to 3D objects. With masses of techniques, plugins and models/textures to apply – the limits to making realistic objects is getting closer to the reality itself. Being able to identify a virtual reality human character to the real person is always ever increasing in it’s realism.

Alongside this software also lies Bryce, Poser, Maya, Vue D’esprit and Lightwave. While I have only dabbled in these software packages, it is my ambition to learn various methods of creation, given their purpose of application.

I am keen to learn these methods of animation, modelling and final touches. I am a big fan when it comes to Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). One day, I wish to be involved with such projects such as Final Fantasy animation sequences, or any other cartoon animated project.

An objective that I can’t wait to accomplish! Do take a look at what I’ve done so far!