Day out in Nottingham

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Vegetable Samosas, broccoli, noodles and egg curry. How appetising. This was a perfect, spherical, tree... on a stick.
Standing behind some clock tower. Never get to find out the names of these things. There was some concert being set up in the background. I'm on a woo-woo-tram! (As apposed to a woo-woo-train).
After several circles around the town centre, this guy turned up sitting on this monument. Playing an electric guitar, whome I must add, he was doing a pretty good impression of Elvis Presley. So I took a pic with him. He was an awesome guy! Not a clue who he was, but was a friendly dude. Tree humping. Best exercise ever.
Rah! Me and Wandii! James digging through his noodles with mushrooms at the Big Wok!
Woo look behind you!  
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Description: Spent a day out in Nottingham with Wandii. I met him there.
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom