Mauritius – Ile Aux Cerf

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Just leaving the on the boat here from Mauritius to get to Ile aux Cerf. Such a beautiful scenery. We passed many different locations on the way, most of them being resorts of some sort, directly on a beach itself. This is what we call life in my home country! Yay!
Got plenty of pictures taken of me! Argh@hair! A close up of a private resort. These cost millions (of rupees).
The private resorts only come in small clusters, to give more privacy. But majority of them are either bought as a whole by one person or are shared, or are owned by a particular agency. Another pose of me on the boat!
Love the focussing on this pic. The new camera really paid off! Whee, get to stick your hand in the fresh water. It's so so smooth and nice! Loved it all the way.
My just-married eldest brother. He and the family took us to the island. Definitely a moment I enjoyed thoroughly. On the way, we passed some forest like area where no one lived. It just naturally grows around the surrounding water.
Legends says, there's an immaculate statue of Mary behind those trees, which had been underwater for several of thousands of years... hmm I might get corrected on that though. The guy in the back was the one taking us on the boat. Imagine that as a daily job! He's just chilled out on his gas tank and gets paid to take people back and forth!
Passing several mountains - beautiful scenery. So breath-taking at times. This is my brother and his wife parasailing! My turn was coming up too!
My brother and wife launching higher and higher, while the speed boat down bottom races around the island. Manage to get the full birds-eye-shot of the island. Some serious heart-racing moments!
Incoming! Landing back onto the massive random piece of plank in the middle of the ocean, supporting a whole bunch of people who are waiting to go parasailing! And now it's my turn! It requires two at a time too (was cheaper I think) - but it was kind of crazy to shoot off. Had to make sure was strapped in.
Rule number 1: DO NOT KEEP FEET ON THE GROUND ON TAKE OFF. My brother and I after landing. Best experience I've had. We both loved it!
Photos 1 - 20 out of 33 | Back to Albums
Description: Summer holiday in Mauritius - my home land. Although in this case, we travelled to an alternate land close by - Ile aux Cerf
Location: Mauritius