Quake is my life.

When referring to Quake, I also refer to Quakeworld – that is – Quake 1 Single Player (SP) and Multiplayer (MP).

Quake is a 3D world of online mayhem and gibbing released by ID Software. It is a game I’ve been playing ever since the main programmer John Carmack gave the go ahead to release it, in 1998. I would even play during secondary school at lunch breaks (yes, we got the game on the school network system and had massive LAN games with 32 people in a single level! Oh those were the days!).

Over the years, the game has been vastly upgraded through the development of OpenGL client releases. While the game is still a huge hit in today’s society in terms of gameplay, originality and Internet play, the skills and techniques used within the game require large amounts of patience and practice e.g. bunny-hopping, strafing, shafting (lightening bolt weapon) and many more.

Although the game was certified for 18+, it’s content is not that grusome in comparison to games in today’s era. In fact – I’d personally classify it as a 14+ (even though I was 12 when I first started playing!).

The first major development was for this game was fuhQuake – a new, eye-candy 3D engine designed to motivate old-skool players and provide new challenges to keep up the tradition of its competitiveness. As time went by, bugs were gradually fixed until the programmer, Fuh, ceased any further development to the client (latest version 0.34).

Nevertheless, this client boosted the game recognition and soon arrived alternative 3D engine clients, such as Telejano, DarkPlaces and the now the most frequently used client, ezQuake.

I own an original copy of Quake. Even though production has stopped on fuhQuake, I still use this client in GL mode. You need the original, full version of Quake to use Internet clients.

This game is one of very few I play nearly everyday.

I am a well known player around the world, mainly for my map creations. But I am also known for the time I’ve been playing. I also believe I have the skills to shoot direct rockets at opponents and juggle them in the air with rocket projectiles (Aka. Midairs – a very difficult skill to perform).

I mostly enjoy a specific game-mode called dmm4 usually on map Povo-hat (povdmm4) and I rarely play duel maps apart from Ultra Violence (ultrav) and on the odd occasion The Bad Place (dm4). I am also a keen Clan Arena (ca) player and perform pretty well in that particular game-mode.

Otherwise you will see me develop/create levels for the game – mostly trick maps (see sub-links)

I go by the alias (nickname) zedii and no other. I usually play in UK servers or European servers.

More information about this game can be viewed at the Quake wiki page.