Won: 8-3

November 18th, 2006 – 9:19 pm
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At last, my first Uni match won (second match played in total), against The University of the West of England (UWE). Just a quick note to self, to say that this is the very first competitive match I’ve won in a long time!

It was great match, partnering Chiefy (Keith Mabey) for the doubles. He was tired after his singles match (which he still won!), but to have a fresh new body in the game (me), it made things pretty slick and easy win for the both of us. Nevertheless we both pulled off some great shots!

Overall I dished out some awesome serves and played without making hardly any mistakes! The practice session I had with Ash (tennis coach) a few weeks back was very useful and definitely was a memorable, reflecting session for future performance (such as the Uni match). A huge difference! Woo!

We played at Bristol in a Next Generation Centre (loads of them are dotted around the UK). The surface was new to me too – carpet. Very bouncy, very bright (florescent orange!?), but more to the point, very reactive with spin – which I LOVE. Very bouncy, cushy surface to move about on too. I actually think it’s faster than a normal acrylic surface (indoor hardcourt).

However it didn’t take long to wipe them out. There were a few undisuputed points from both ends, which left all of us in question – but we just kept quiet about them all and continued.

Final score: Mens 1st Team won 7 – 3 against UWE, Ladies won 10 – 0 against Swansea and Mens 2nd Team lost 10 – 0 against Bristol (eek!).

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