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June 21st, 2007 – 9:36 pm
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It’s been three days since I’ve started at Content Master. Today was my forth day.

My first impressions of starting:


Content Master has really inspired me to begin a career into what I’m known to be good at – Multimedia.

Although I have not yet experienced much multimedia work as of yet, I have seen all the work I have yet to come. I have had my two day induction involving an introduction to every department in the building. There are so many people to know! And they are all so friendly!

There are about 50 employee’s in the converted 3 storey + one basement house that we work in. I am located on the ground floor alongside a team of four others. The members from left to right include the lovely Kerry (table-football genious?!), Robin (“pink?”) Liz (“Oh Bollocks!”), and James (“how many brothers you got? How many sisters?”).

The ground floor MU team

Not forgetting the other multimedia team down in the newly constructed basement – We have (from left to right) Minty, Matt, Tom and Rich (closest).

The basement floor MU team

Members of the team who are currently on holiday and who I have yet to meet include Tatiana, Keith and Sean.

So far, it’s been great meeting these people. They have welcomed me very much to the multimedia department and I’m beginning to understand more about the company every day, through their knowledge.

Today I finished my first multimedia practice production. It’s practice for what is to come in the near future – storyboarding a Writer’s work, followed by animating the storyboard in Flash and then synchronising the animation with a voice sound file.

It’s taken me two days to vaguely know my way around all the files on the huge database Content Master have. Their organisation is specific to the way their previous projects have run – and slowly but surely I am grasping the routines involved for these projects.

For those interested in the technical aspect of my job, we are each supplied with the following:

Computer specification
2 x 2.4ghz Pentium D Processor, 2 x Radeon x1550 Graphics Card, 1 x 24″ Dell widescreen flat panel, 2 x 21″ Dell flat panels, 160gb Hard-drive.

So to conclude this blog post about my first ever placement position, I’ve realised this choice has been some what of a wise decision. From what I’ve experienced in the last few days, I can safely say this WILL benefit me in the longrun!

I want to thank everyone for their support so far!

For now, I’ve been assigned my first project with Robin – Project Katmai – commencing next week. All projects are given codenames as these are products being released by clients which are still in beta (not yet released to the public).

Anyway, I leave you with Kerry. With a duck on her head.

Kerry with a duck on her head.


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  1. Wandii says:

    LOOOOOOL duck. Ah man. Fkn awesome :) Knew you’d pwn it. Well done, always proud of ye :D *hugs*

    Comment made on June 21, 2007 @ 10:23 pm

  2. Sayade Heeroo says:

    It is the first time i`m visiting this site.

    Comment made on July 13, 2007 @ 7:01 am

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