Synchronising and Debugging

November 3rd, 2007 – 4:44 pm
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November already and time is flying through these projects. I have not updated in a while, due to the fact that the majority of work going on at the moment has been primarily working with storyboards, animations, demonstrations and simulations – all of which has been covered in previous entries.

VistaDell has been a monster of a course, however it’s finally complete (as of end October).
As per usual though, it has come back. The team is not worried at all though. Just a few tweaks here and there.

On the other hand some of the work that’s been going on since include:

Continuation of crse6427ae_02_02_01 simulation (a Longhorn Course). Number of issues regarding XML formatting. I was asked to look into this due to being – and I quote – “The Expert Simulation Processor.” Haha! – I was so familiar with sims that I knew a mistake when I saw it!

Continued with VistaDell crse6154ae_01_05_01 and modifying 02_02_02 from a colleague. Rewriting of storyboards was required. VistaDell crse6155ae_01_02_01, 01_06_02 storyboards needed reviewing by ID.

Some self study was performed nearer the end of October, looking into Silverlight features and Microsoft Expression Suite.

A new project started in mid-October needed some reviewing (namely Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) – MSL). Therefore a bunch of animations, demos and sims came in for work. Crse3398ae demos (VSTO) were worked on as well as crse3397ae (VSTO again) – but this time simulations.

Otherwise, throughout the start of this week in November I helped with the completion of the Longhorn Courses. Crse6427ae included a new bunch of Longhorn storyboards.

I was moving away from creating animations and demos and actually did the easier job of synchronising audio to each. Simulations do not have audio.

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