November 9th, 2007 – 5:30 pm
Tagged as: Content Master

This week a new project was brought upon me to work on called, The Sales and Marketing Services Group Readiness (SMSGR). This was apparently a new branch from Microsoft. Its basis is simply to promote marketing material not just from Microsoft, but from various external courses that come into Microsoft in Word document form.

The construction/framework for this particular project has been premade. The job that was laid upon us was simply to take a bunch of documents and convert them to an html compliant standard, formatting and recognising any tags that SMSGR framework could understand and piece together. Again this was in the form of templates and a specific routine had to be followed in order for it to link in correctly.

As a result, I was assigned the task to find out how these html pages fit together and how to create the different style templates that signify specific sections to do with these documents.

This job was relatively tedious as there were no instructions on what files linked with what. Also there were at least 30 different files provided, for which no instructions were given as to how they work together.

I found the start of this project quite bizarre, as I had no idea where to start with it. But I attempted to take apart the example course that came with the content. Soon enough some aspects made sense. Others didn’t. However, I noted these down and to my understanding, the coding that was involved was incorrect.

Consequently, the project was sent back to Microsoft. Confirmation was given that the relationship between the links of some HTML content was not correlating correctly.

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