Storyboards and the-what-not.

August 22nd, 2007 – 4:34 pm
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I’ve been given training on creating storyboards, but at the same time I was asked this week to develop a Powerpoint deck that takes the form of describing Microsoft SQL Servers. The task was to demonstrate the new features of SQL Server Management within Powerpoint, while maintaining a visual appeal.

As a result, I was given Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 full version to install on my PC. Following this, I worked in conjunction with a colleague to come up with several designs. We took the material supplied to us from the client and read through the terminology to decide what could be demonstrated.

It was important to outline only the specific variations of content that the audience would feel is most important and find visually appealing. Therefore, my colleague and I came up with a wordlist for which we split up between the two of us and created graphics for.

It was at this point that I was introduced to what is known as the Graphics Library. A collection of copyrighted graphics provided by Microsoft in Flash vector format. These icons/graphics are used in pretty much every production that requires a graphic representation of Microsoft products – whether it was for static or dynamic (animation) graphics.

I was told about the limitation of this and how this doesn’t go down too well with our department. In other words we were limited to only using what Microsoft had provided for us. However, thankfully Powerpoint 2007 was bursting full of attractive effects – something I couldn’t wait to get hands on, to do.

I spent some time going through and learning Powerpoint 2007, as well as keeping on track with project status and letting colleagues know about the new features. As per usual, I found myself delving into the deep end, only to find that I picked up the software very quickly (adapted from the previous version of Powerpoint 2003).

Project Katmai was the name given to this set of Powerpoint decks. Some/All projects were given a codenames, as to distinguish between projects that may involve similar features/content in a completely different media environment.

I want to thank the team so far for devoting support in pointing out some new components of life related to work that I need to be well aware of.

One in particular – do what the client says!

Storyboards were flooding in this week.  I was given some opportunity to present my storyboarding skills, again using the Microsoft Learning graphics library (MSL lib). Storyboards all took place with Microsoft Word 2007 environment.

I was yet to do any work with in Flash development from these storyboards. However, I was told more this work would be heading my way once I got used to storyboarding.

I met some new colleagues this week, who were previously away the (on holiday). Again, they were very welcoming and polite.

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