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April 18th, 2008 – 4:34 pm
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You guessed it – VS2008 still on-going. There’s another project in the background – again MSL related, but that’s not as big (TINY in fact!). Longhorn IIS – Just some more storyboards and animations to build on top of what we have already know really.

I thought I’d give a bit of reflection though on the last few months…

Even though Microsoft is one of Content Master’s biggest customers, from what I’d been hearing, the Sales team did not stop there. Content Master have been exploring other avenues and seeking out companies taking an interest in what Content Master could provide for them.

As more bespoke projects started emerging for our team to work on in the future, the team name of eLearning seemed somehow inappropriate for the new workload we were undertaking for other major companies, such as T-Mobile and Orange. So the team was officially renamed the Media team and my job description was modified to media developer from eLearning developer.

That said, the main focus of our team was still focussed in eLearning materials whether it was consistent and reliable work for MSL or bespoke custom courses for other companies.

From what I’ve witnessed so far, Visual Studio 2008 was just about manageable when I was in charge of just 5 courses. And I’ve been told this is as hard as it gets when it comes to courses. So I’m quite happy I’ve been given a responsibility that helps to maximise standards.

But on that note, it kind of made me reflect on my goals so far. It was challenging to establish the kind of goals I wanted to set myself for the rest of the year including wanting to take charge of Flash Actionscript 2.0 course and/or delving into Actionscript 3.0.

However for what I’d done so far, further focus included recording, editing and processing audio (skills that would be useful in my final year), developing graphical skills (for general ability and maintenance) and developing, documenting and scripting techniques (for skills in the workplace and my own personal development) –  all of which I’ve now had experience in!

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