Quakeworld forever.

June 22nd, 2007 – 8:51 am
Tagged as: Quake

I’ve quickly added a quake category. Check it out under the portfolio section. I’ll also post some general news about the game and my happenings, as I get more time.

Latest news on my side of things – we’re (myself and wandii) slowly (yes, it’s taken 4 years… : s ) but surely coming along with a new idea for the quakeworld movie we had planned a long time ago (check out QDI – TDD in the 3D animation section). As with previous productions (that never got finished) – we will be incorporating a fully vocal feature movie, with extra special effects from third party software, alongside traditional level editing, to preserve Qauke’s nature.

One further feature we are trying to get to grips with is the new camQuake. A feature that will be VERY useful for production.

It’s going to be a huge project, but something which will hopefully blow the quakeworld generation away! I can’t wait to release the first chapter. Definitely a feature to look out for!

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