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August 11th, 2007 – 3:20 pm
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Although Groove was finished I continued with 6453ae (part of the Groove), as the worst nightmare hit the team – it came back requiring debugging as there were mistakes previously.

However this was normal, as the client would always come back with parts they were not happy about. It wasn’t a case that they were not being happy with the result however, but more of a case of “can you change this instead of that,” which is a common cause expected from clients.

Nevertheless there were a plentiful number of creations waiting to be started/completed in VistaDell.
Storyboarding for course crse6155ae_01_03_01_ani01 (VistaDell) was completed and ready for animation. Further screenshot capturing was needed for several sims and converting PSD using Photoshop, ready to export out as individual edited PNGs.

Two more courses came into play that I wasn’t supposed to be on, but help was required – Longhorn Clinics and Longhorn Courses. Again, these courses were all from MSL – just different topics for eLearning.
The VistaDell was a partly from MSL, partly from Dell. MSL courses are all pretty much the same, except the detail in content is specific and needs attention to match the appropriate graphics.

Even though there were still demos and animations to complete, work was steadily on track. There are definitely times when the whole team panics, and sometimes I don’t realise how severe it can be, given that I’ve not been through the whole development cycle/process for managing a course.

From what I’ve gathered though, things get a bit tougher nearer the end of projects.

This week, I was mostly piled on with demos and animations, ready for the team to pick up on!

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