November 29th, 2006 – 6:45 pm
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Well first thing is, the word pointless describes today perfectly… read on to find out why.

I got home about 5:45pm, logged into MSN Messenger, only to find a message from a friend (Kate) asking “how you doin?”

She asked, so I gave – only to find her words ending as “chill!” and ceased any further conversation with me.

But, in fact I am/was pretty chilled while explaining. It’s just funny how people interprete a mood given how much I talk about it in words, via MSN Messenger.

Nevertheless, here is today’s in a little more detail…

Today – a Wednesday, raring for yet again a Uni tennis match, playing as part of the University of Gloucestershire’s 1st team. As mentioned in previous posts under this category, I appreciate I have made it this far in terms of tennis standards. I am really happy I have an opportunity to play for the University of Gloucestershire (well any University would have been great should I not have gone to the UoG).

Taking that into account, I feel I’m at a standard where I can really push and show some real potential to, not just others, but most importantly, myself. I also realise this is a time for others who are part of the team to be in that frame of mind too.

So at the point of getting ready to play, the moment of truth where the last minute (I’m not sure why it’s the case) decision has to be made by the team captain, of who plays what match i.e. singles or doubles.

I don’t know what it was, but I just flowed with the decision made by Tim (at 2pm), only to realise at the last minute before everyone went to play (at 3pm), I should have actually brought forward my reasons for playing the singles match today rather than the doubles match.

Also, doubles was arranged to be played AFTER the singles matches. Tim assigned me and Chiefy, as he did the two weeks ago. So maybe, it was my “fault” for not raising the issue of me not feeling comfortable playing doubles twice in a row – although at the time I didn’t really take much notice of it – I hope you follow that!

Aside that, I did request at the VERY last second to the forth player (who is usually me or this other guy) (oh, and stupid timing really! Just as he is about to go on…), if I could take his position – the position I wanted to play – the singles match in other words.

Instead he gave the blunt answer of “No – I want to play it.” followed by walking on court. “Fair enough.” I thought. “Thanks for any consideration.” I added to myself. Maybe reiterating Tim’s decision would have been a little more considerate. “Oh well,” I thought.


I was asked by the team captain to arrive promptly at 1:15pm the day before, via a text, ready for the match against Bristol (a REALLY strong team). My hopes were shooting through the roof as I couldn’t wait to play against this opposition, trying to prepare myself both mentally and physically with a game-plan of what I could potentially pull off.

Arriving at the tennis centre at 12:23pm, myself and Ash were discussing how the 2nd’s team were performing (the 2nd’s team for the University of Gloucestershire also had a match on the same day as us against Swansea. It was therefore organised, to play their matches a little earlier, so it would make time for the 1st’s team matches to be completed too).

As usual, Ash and I had a good conversation, including points which enlightened the 2nd’s team game-play, but also things I should be taking into consideration too, however petty it was!

So sitting around for a good hour before the rest of the 1st team appeared (1:17pm), I was already there, ate well before (cheese and onion toastie! Mmm!), well prepared and welcoming the rest of the gang, giving them feedback about how the 2nd’s team were doing.

As time passed, I and a few of the first team members managed to get a few hits as the 2nd’s team matches were well underway and mostly finished (around 1:45pm) – ready for the 1st’s team matches to commence. Apparently the opposition (Bristol) were suppose to arrive at 2pm. So things were going well… just another 15-20 minute to wait, for the opposition to arrive.

Having heard 15 minutes later during the time I was having a hit (at 2pm), the captain apparently had phoned the University of Gloucestershire (or Bristol themselves – can’t remember) a few days before today, to ask them to let the University of Bristol know to start at 2pm rather than 3pm (the original schedule) as that would give the 1st’s team more time to play their matches. With the opposition not arriving, Tim began to conclude they are coming at the original time of 3pm. Eek!

In other words, court availability was limited (we had the courts only till 4:30pm). So arriving at 3pm means 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish 4 singles matches and 2 doubles matches. Not going to happen. Heh.

So taking into account that I arrived nice and early (12:23pm), gave feedback to load of guys, spoke to a few coaches and gained some positive input, assissted in a tennis lesson with another coach, had a few good hits before – I had been at the centre for 2 hours 30 minutes. That takes us to 3pm.

So my time was being spent wondering around the tennis centre finding the odd task to kill time. Not THAT constructive really : \.

At 3pm I was on court, discussing my fustration in a tennis lesson Ash as he was giving a lesson to Trevor. It’s quite amazing the kind of shots you can hit when you’re seriously fustrated… Then again, I did have some sympathy left inside given that it was Trevor (a wheelchair champ!) on the other side trying his utmost to execute his serves according to the coaching tips Ash was giving him. Heh – yet another contrasting yet strange feeling…

Anyway, while he was finishing everything off, I realised the opposition had actually arrived (I was on court one (the other side of the centre to where the matches were playing), so I didn’t know that the opposition arrived until I saw them go on court). During the time I spent talking to Ash about how I hadn’t been picked to play the single’s matches – he too questioned it in the most suprising manner as to “why are you not playing THE singles!?”

This, I suppose made me more fustrated, as he was right. So I left Ash and Trev at it and moved over to the other courts where Tim was assigning courts to everyone to get started! So yeah, at this point, that’s where I asked the forth player, as he was just about to go on court.

His response just kind of flattened the whole situation out, to the thought of “Ok, I really can’t be arsed to do anything now. Kthxbye.” It wasn’t really his fault. Neither was it Tim’s. It’s the way things had to be I suppose.

Well either way, I spent way too much time wondering why Tim gave a reason/excuse on why he didn’t pick me rather than bringing up the matter with him. I did however have the guts to ask… which took some effort and nudging. I decided to ask because I wouldn’t get that opportunity to do so if the forth player went on court (plus Tim was already on court). This in turn would have probably lead to having another reason to blame myself for not asking, if I didn’t ask… lol confusing but I get it.

So yeah, pretty crappy day so far. From 12:23pm to 3pm I merely sat down doing bugger all. From 3pm onwards I felt pretty crap given that I didn’t get to play the singles. But then, a problem which was already anticipated earlier now was in action.

This also made the situation even worse as I realised wouldn’t get to play the doubles either!

Come 4pm (an hour after all four singles matches being played), the team were chucked off all four courts. Now, KNOWING that Bristol would woop us, was pretty much proven given that they wooped the 2nd’s team 10 – 0, two weeks ago.

The unfinished scores upon coming off at 4pm, were basically saying “UoG are going to lose”. Heh heh.

So what was this feeling? This feeling of being well annoyed and fustrated that I’ve spent a whole day doing nothing (and missing a very important lecture!)… Or a feeling of knowing the guilt guy number four had as he was losing – the guy who refused to let me play when asking? Knowing that he was seriously getting wooped and knowing that I’d recently (two days ago) beat him in a singles match (6-2). Knowing that I specifically told Tim this. It was like a half-way smile/grin fustrated sort of *Eeevil look* Mwahaha. Er… ye…

But at the same time, maybe a feeling of knowing that the captain was getting wooped and he was just giving excuses to abandon the match. Maybe knowing that he overheard the forth guys result and wondered “I wonder what happened if I had picked Z! He’d maybe have done better!” I can’t really say that though, for Tim has his reasons to pick his team. Plus it would have been the same if I played. We’d have to come off after an hour anyway… So I can’t complain really! They were just thoughts in the end.

Who knows – maybe if I played, I would have got wooped just like the current number four was (I think the score was 6-1, 0-1 to Harrikesh (the Bristol guy) at the time). But then again, given my performance recently I think I would have done much better.

But also, maybe it was the feeling of knowing the decisions made had really made the situation more stressful for the captain. Knowing how tough it was for him.

Maybe knowing that the discussion of this situation with Ash, was now making more sense! It was a prediction that we both knew was correct.

The guys would never have enough time to play the match and I’d just sit there knowing I wouldn’t even get a chance to play. But more to the point, I felt I should easily be at number four in the singles (given that I didn’t in the previous match too). Given that these are home grounds I would have enjoyed match at my fullest (as I’ve been playing on them for the last five years now!)

But either way, the guys at UoG would get completely dicked (as Ash put it) by Bristol (even if I was to play (well most likely)).

But still, that was not the attitude I had today. And Neither was it for the others I suppose. I realised I was well up for a singles match just as everyone else was. On the other hand, the guy I would have played (I found out his name to be Harrikesh), was a look-a-like of me! The long hair, the goty beard, the height! Nearly everything matched my looks (and even gameplay when I was watching him)!

But more-over it was another asian player (Hindu – I’m gathering from the name). Quite a rarity in this day and age in my opinion, i.e. someone who has actually continued to play tennis at university level and who is asian. When was the last time you saw one of those (exluding me : p)!

But I think that’s something I would understand more than others, given that I’ve hardly played any other asian players the same/better standard than me. But today, that was the opportunity! I would have loved to experience that. Especially at the age I am today.

Serious competition, in home environment, at university standard against an asian dude! *Sigh*

The more I think about it, the more I regret not being chosen to play singles : /.

Anyway, the time is now 4pm. Everyone had been thrown off court. I heard at this point though, Tim kind of “cheated” in making the situation lean more to our favour. He got so pissed off with his opponent during gameplay, he lied and said we had to come off at 4pm, when in fact we had until 4:30pm. Heh, nice work buddy ; ).

But, that’s a matter that should not have really influenced the situation that much! Therefore the four singles matches could have continued for another 30 minutes. Maybe they would have been completed by then given that Bristol were all one set up against UoG!

Either way, the opposition began to get REALLY shitty towards the UoG. They complained they should be finishing the matches (one even suggested to play outside! Wtf? Dude – “Look outside before you comment,” was the reaction of everyone. It was dark, raining plus NO flood-lights (which he probably didn’t know anyway)). That made loads of us laugh and the Bristol guy embarassed.

But the defensive side of the UoG kicks in, explaining that we had no more court time – but more over, Bristol were one hour late in arriving.

Using this as a comeback, Bristol continued to explain they did not receive the message to come at 2pm. Furthermore, the UoG was apparently entitled to claim the match as they were one hour late. Bristol kept arguing the fact of not finishing the matches in time, even if they did come at 2pm. But they couldn’t really say that. No one would really know.

Tim continued to get stressed and annoyed at two members of the opposition who were all over him, trying to claim the fact they would have won all the singles matches, given that all four singles that came off court (including Tim’s), were all one set down and nearing completion in the second set, in Bristol’s favour.

My reactions to this were merely to encourage Tim to re-play the matches at another day/time. I preferred not to get involved. Yet, it was the only logical explanation, suggested many times. Understandably, Bristol did not want to travel to Gloucester again, therefore Tim suggested that we (the UoG) would go to them. Still, Bristol felt “used” and did not want to come out of this without some sort of fight.

The point about re-playing the whole match seemed to be in slight agreement each time it was mentioned, but kept floating in the air, as if know one wanted to agree with it. Each team wanted to take advantage of their own situation. i.e. UoG had the excuse Bristol came late, while Bristol had the excuse that the matches would not have finished in time even if they started at 2pm.

About 15 minutes later everyone finally came to the conclusion to leave it up to BUSA to decide (duh!). Personally, I think BUSA will reply with the solution of re-playing (maybe home, but they might take into consideration the fact Bristol travelled to us for “nothing”). It only makes sense given the complaints from both teams.

It was clear in the end that both teams were in the wrong. To us, they were actually foreseen circumstances but were not addressed appropriately. The whole team knew there was going to be a dispute (well I knew) and that the courts issue would crop up. For some reason, why no one decided to act on this accordingly, which meant it was likely we would be playing Bristol again.

Nevertheless, everyone headed to the bar after the disputes, to drown the most random match to date with alcohol. It turned out pretty cool in the end. I have realised quite a lot about my personal feelings when it comes to tennis. Hopefully I can address them better next time!

Hey! Maybe I might have the chance to play the singles after all… Hehe : ]. Actually, better not get hopes up too high again. I might be sitting around for another 5 hours 45 minutes again. But today has been weird. I’ve had quite a few mood swings, but only to find it’s worked in my favour… I think?

So, yeah. Today was pointless for me. Get it? POINT-less… Hmm…

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