June 12th, 2008 – 2:25 pm
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I’ve come back from my holiday period to be given an awesome project.

I’ve been assigned a project similar to the MDAS-5102 performed a few weeks ago by the team (but I wasn’t officially a part of it). Only recently have MDAS come back and requested if they could have another Conditions of Satisfaction done. Not to replace 5102, but to cover a new field of information.

MDAS-5100 Condition of Satisfaction was the next project and only project I had to do at the time. It was a fully flash based interface. Apparently work had already started on this a few eeks ago and the project manager involved in kicking-off this project had already been to plenty of meetings with the client in an attempt to finalise ideas. The client on the other hand kept changing their mind about elements they wanted on the screen.

Back in May, time was spent in designing a new interface, for which the client wanted it to be presented clearer and more visible rather than a high-end fully colourful design. They wanted a clear white background with a simple top and bottom navigation bar. So after a month of sending all sorts of designs I was put on the project to come up with another design alongside other team members. We took into consideration all the different factors and came up with an auspicious design.

COS was a full course designed in Adobe Flash, which again, had to be SCORM compliant. My role consisted of a major design style input using a graphics library which we had created from a number of stock images and also layout ideas of content provided by the ID. Initial designs and styles were completed and sent back to the client, who retained the content whilst deciding on final design styles, content and layout. I produced a lot of conceptual work and designs and assisted with content styling.

It was also an opportunity to show off my Actionscript 2.0 knowledge in Adobe Flash, which was something I personally enjoy as part of a media career. And boy did I impress them!

I had yet to provide them with more results. Yet we were selected and given certain slides designs from a Powerpoint deck, and asked to, in any way possible – bring them alive. I had done one design this week and was on the verge to creating several more.

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