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Argh it’s late here (11pm at the start of writing this) but it is the only time I have mananged to find to actually start telling everyone back at home what’s happening! Where do I start?

Before I start, I have to let you know, the Internet is not as developed as in the UK, so this is quite a slow connection. So this post might look a little long, but definitely is worth the read. I’ve even gone to the effort of using Microsoft Paint to resize some pictures I took on my camera!

It has been 8 days since I have been in Mauritius (MU) and it’s been fantastic. It is my first time here for those who I have not told. I arrived on Tuesday 9th of July at 2pm in the afternoon, after taking the flight from Heathrow Airport at 8pm. The flight did not leave until about 9:30pm.

The flight lasted about 12 hours and it was one long journey! While sitting on the plane waiting for it to move, I took a few pictures of people around me as it was a whole new experience for me. I was really excited to be actually sitting on a plane that was ready to launch above the high sky clouds. The pictures below show the start of my journey:

In the plane
An image of inside the plane. I sat next to a window! Woo!

Inside the plane
Another view in front of my seat, of the people on board!

Outside the window
Outside the window while waiting for the plane to take off!

So, that was the start of my journey. It was very exciting waiting (as strange as that sounds!). Given that I’ve taken the flight now, I’ve gained a little insight into what it was like in comparison to other flight people (like British Airways or Emirates), from other people’s perspective…

I’ve calculated using the reviews, that the flight’s service was given the big 6/10.

The only downside to travelling with Air Mauritius was the leg room! The food was satisfactory (better than what most other planes give apparently!) and the entertainment was definitely there (about 16 movies to choose from : ) ).

Other than that, the flight was great. I did arrive with a very annoying back pain though, which has taken a week to go (thankfully!).

Plane over France
The plane over France.

Plane over the Earth's skies
About half way through the journey, I took a shot of the plane over the Earth’s skies.

Anyway, for those wondering why I have been given the time off work and abandonned tennis coaching in the UK for 6 weeks – it is for the reason that both my brothers are getting married (and that I’ve finished University’s 2nd year). Here’s a quick shot of when I was landing in Mauritius:

Landing in Mauritius
Landing in Mauritius! (Got some more but will post later!)

This Sunday (22nd July) will be my middle brother’s (Afzal) big day, and the following week (1st August) will be my eldest brother’s (Naushad) big day. However, it is far more complicated than being just one day. There are several ceremonies spread over the weeks, as well as visiting many different families to celebrate the joyous occasion amongst them. And I tell you, that’s A LOT of family!

Talking of family – on the day that I arrived, I met up with some family that I have not met before. I’m not going to start saying who’s who! Trust me – it’s madness. Here’s some of my tiny cousins:

Nadia on a Bike that doesn't work! Lol.
Nadia on a Bike that was broken.
She pedalled and pedalled but didn’t know why she wasn’t going anywhere!

Zahra who's grown so much! So cute!
Nadia’s sister, Zahra. So cute!

The above two I knew already. I’ve met them in the UK often. They are so cute! I can’t stop saying that! Haha.

Mehejabeen. She's from France.
Mehajabeen I’d not met before. She did not know me until I spoke French which forced me to dish out the French skills again! I must say, I impressed myself. Haha, the modesty!

Well anyway, it has been pretty much like that so far. Trekking up to families around MU while also taking pictures of the scenery. As most people said when I left, I was lucky to be leaving the bad weather there in the UK and coming to such a tropical island. Having mentioned that, it is actually Winter here and for nearly all MU’s that live here – 26 degrees celcius is cold for them : |. I could not believe that. Scorching for me! But that’s differences in life for you! So I will put it simply: The weather is awesome!

The balcony of my Uncle's house where I stayed in the first week.
The balcony of my uncles house where I stayed the first week (sorry about the netting!).

Rosehill. A main city in Mauritius. Here's a typical street.
A typical street in Rosehill. Rosehill is one of the many main cities in Mauritius.
Behind those mountains/hills is Port Louis (the capital of Mauritius).

Well I’ve spent an hour now typing this all up. The days for my brothers are coming ever so close. There’s lots of preperations happening, which have been left to my parents to sort out (thank them!).

Having lived with the parents at my Uncle’s place for the last week, I am now moving around living with other families instead. I am amazed. I really can’t believe this is my ethnic/home background. I really like this place! Especially my family. Everyone is just amazing!

In relation to the beginning of this post, I am now staying with Afzal (my middle brother) who has only just arrived (2 days ago). And today, his long known friend from Oxford University took time off his work (he’s a doctor – very difficult to get time off) to be present at his wedding this Sunday. He has just arrived today.

I have so much I could say about everyone here, individually – but that’d take hours to type up. I’ve said as much as I think I can, apart from two other people.

Shazia and Nadim are the only two people so far (my age) whom I’ve been conversing with about the real life of Mauritius. They’ve given a pretty cool insight into what happens throughout all times of the day. Nadim’s favourite words are “FAST!” and “What is your role?” Shazia is a laugh to be around! One of the nicest girl’s I’ve known for a while…

Shazia and Nadim.
Shazia and Nadim : ).

Anyway! Tomorrow (which has now turned into today!), I am off to play tennis! With a tennis coach from France! At a private villa! With their own courts, swimming pool and and an over-seen beach that is 2 minutes away! EEK! Yay!

So where am I?

Me at Nadim's place!
Boo! Me at Nadim’s place! The hat! I told you! It comes with me wherever I go!
(It was actually a little bit chilly that night : p).

Well guys! Thanks for reading! As I said, I got so many memories in my mind that’s happened over the last 8 days, but I can’t describe them in words!

Nevertheless, I will hopefully get back to you with more pictures and information about how the weddings went! Take care and hey… it’s not that bad! I hear weather is cheering up in the UK ; ).


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  1. Wandii says:

    Man, this is so amazing for you, as it would be for anyone! Getting right down to your roots, seeing the ocean for the first time, flying for the first time, meeting family members for the first time and leaving the country for the first time! More than I’ve done anyway :P Seriously, this is amazing and it’s so interesting to read, and the pics PWN! This is really going to broaden things for you, maybe enlighten even more (if that’s even possible with you/us :S heh). After all the Wandii adventures, Zedii goes and has one big f**k off one to top them all!!! Embrace this man, stop for a moment and realise where you are, take it all in. It’s amazing, I’m really happy for ye and your brothers too! Speak soon, miss you moca bear!! Take care.

    Comment made on July 17, 2007 @ 7:59 pm

  2. Aniisah says:

    Yeah I can see how much you are enjoying yourself!!! Keep it up…Mr Photographer… ;)

    Comment made on July 28, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

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