March 20th, 2008 – 4:47 pm
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For once, I don’t have much to say in this entry other than VS2008 is going pretty smoothly. The Excel document works like a dream and I’ve got into the routine for managing courses now.

There have been a few new procedures I’ve learnt.

One of them includes building courses in LCDS. Although this software has been used for several years, it’s still a really buggy tool and I’ve constantly been told by other members of the Media team that they always encounter problems with it crashing.

I’ve yet to witness any crashing on my machine (and hopefully it won’t happen). When LCDS crashes, it apparently has the tendency to corrupt the course(s) that may already be loaded into it. Therefore, it’s going to be quite unfortunate if that does happen (as well as frustrating!).

LCDS has a bunch of features that allow you to edit certain fields to describe a particular element of the course. There are graphic fields, text fields and attachment fields. These fields are all applied in different page layout templates. So depending on how much content there is, you could have content that lists simply as tables, or a text and graphic page, or as a media page. There are also added features into LCDS in the form of interactive games, where the user has to fill in questions and answer boxes in LCDS, which in turn is dynamically grabbed by a Flash game object that binds the game and text together.

There are two types of games – the tile game (where you have to choose the right order in which a process occurs) and then there’s the box game (where you have to select the correct answer and place into the categorical box). They are quite simple games, yet very effective learning tools when published.

So pretty much this week, I’ve been learning about how to put a course together for handoff – to be checked and finalised for release. Though this sounds like a very simple procedure, the process in which the content is passed from person to person is lengthy!

Overall, the only project running at the moment is VS2008, and it does keep me busy on a daily basis… for now!

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