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October 2nd, 2009 – 7:26 pm
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I’m taking a few minutes to update my Web site with a few bits and bobs (you probably won’t notice anyway!).

I thought I’d let those of you who may happen to stumble across this weblog that I’m progressing relatively well now. I am now in the wonderful life of – “the world of work!”

Yes, that’s right, during this bleak time of employment in the UK (damn recession!), I still managed cobble my thoughts together and get set up with a job at the University of Gloucestershire.

My role is as a Post Graduate Assistant. I am undertaking a PhD, a PGCHE and assisting in lectures. I am teaching mainly Level I and II students in the fields of Computing, Interactive Games Design and Multimedia. It’s been about two weeks in now and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

I’ve got stuck in with assisting the lecturers develop their programmes for the courses and in fact, today, I gave my first lecture! To my surprise, my colleagues (who both filmed me on camera and sat in the lecture), pointed out how I stood out well in front of the Level III students and more in particular, their attention span towards me was suprisingly very good. It was nice to hear that!

I could get used to this new career, something I didn’t really see my self getting into so early on in life. But given the opportunity has arisen, I’ve passed the first test for getting it and now I need to stand up high and try my best throughout its duration. I get really excited in helping people (both tennis and now lecturing) because of the similar interests within a particular subject. It’s enjoyable to share those experiences and to develop on them, learning new things everyday!

The other day I helped out a deaf person (rather unexpectedly). With his sign-language interpreter trying to translate every technical word I said, about a software the deaf individual had never used before, was a VERY interesting challenge! He felt very anxious about taking the module at the start of his 2nd year at University, having had no prior experience in the software interface (Level I covers some basics about the software which unfrotuantely he missed out on). However, the outcome of the two-hour one-to-one session I had with him, convinced him to stay on the module! I felt very satisfied and now can’t wait to meet him again next week!

I’m only experiencing the start of this wonderful life. But it’s also interesting to see it from the eyes of an experienced lecturer (my colleagues). They are just as enthusiastic, but I can imagine how over time, procedures may become a little on the lines of “*sigh*, here we go again!

But to be honest, I think it’s more about meeting the individuals you teach year after year and seeing them progress in their own development – it’s just that feeling of having done something good for someone I suppose.

It’s all good!

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