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October 1st, 2006 – 2:36 pm
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Well today I spent the whole of this morning creating banners for my good friend Goose. He asked me to animate them for him. At first, I was being very stupid. But then again, I wasn’t aware that .png can have more than one image stored within it.

Furthermore, if a .png has more than one image, it is only Macromedia Fireworks 8 that can read those other images stored within it. Any other image software you use to load a .png image just picks up the first frame (basically just shows one picture).

Yesterday, it took me about 2 hours in total to realise that, hence my confusion of Goose sending me a flat image and he constantly asking me to “just animate it!” He kept saying to use the images sent in the .zip file, yet everytime I looked at them all I saw were 5 different images, all looking rasterised (rasterised means it’s a plain flat image and you cannot edit any part of it).

Finally the conversation went something like this:

Me – “Do you want me to edit every part of the image and the animate it?”
Goose – “yes”
Me – “So recreate everything on each banner you’ve made and animate it?”
Goose – “yep”
Me – “Couldn’t you have at least done that given the time scale! Lol!”
Goose – “you do know .png’s are multilayered?”
Me – “WHAT?! AGRHFDnkdghodsnhd!”

My fustration at that point really kicked out. It had been one of the most annoying days, not having realised that .png’s can have several layers stored in them, but then again – not realising that Fireworks was the only program that could read it in that way.

So having installed Fireworks, even worse – during installation of Fireworks, I decided to import the .png in Macromedia Flash (that was where I was to animate each banner). And, of all options it Flash asks – the first one is “paste each layer on a single frame making every element editable where possible.”

Sigh, 4 hours figuring out how to animate an image, when all I had to do was import each .png into Flash. I should have also realised that. That’s the advantage of a multi-package software like Macromedia. Small option requirements like that are added to every product they produce, helping to minimise the need to switch from one program to the other. In other words, I didn’t have to install Fireworks :/.

Anyway, the following morning (that’s today), I spent another 3 good hours perfecting the animations and giving alternates forms. The brief asked for the animations in .gif. I was puzzled by this as Flash is the more common method of advertisement these days.

Therefore, I’ve also supplied each banner in .swf, along with gradient backgrounds and solid backgrounds. This in turn showed the differences in filesizes compared with the .gif’s (which I also provided) – one the advantages of having the banner as .swf’s (flash). All in all, creating it in Flash made things a lot easier for me! So, at least I did one good choice and not making the .gif banners in an image-editing program!

Well it’s finally done. From 11am to 2pm, I’m finally sending them to Goose for his approval, and in turn, of his client’s approval. Hopefully that’ll earn me a few coins.

Today I’ve learnt a lot. Mostly to do with the simplicity of banners, yet the complexity in organising them in the first place. Goose admitted he sent me a few errors of explanation (that’s rare! Hah. I win) but it was sorted after getting into the rhythm of things.

Nevertheless, everything worked out fine and should there be any adjustments required, I have the source files all pre-made and ready to edit!

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  1. Goose says:

    LMAO.. Dude that was a funny day..

    How about this then for nugget storming..

    Macromedia is now owned by Adobe. Adobe are not going to be using Fireworks (apparently). So does this mean that the next version of Photoshop will support layered PNG files?

    Ooooh… thats got you thinking hey.

    Good work on the banners dude.. :D

    Comment made on October 9, 2006 @ 10:46 am

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