Good thing I speak French!

May 17th, 2008 – 4:12 pm
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Because the whole team was working on CA and no-one had anything else to do, CA got done pretty quickly.

Another project running in the background was Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions MDAS-5102. Although I wasn’t a part of this course directly, it sounded exactly what I wanted to do in terms of development. I did a bit here and there graphically, but this course was started by other individuals when I was in the middle of VS2008, so I couldn’t really be a part of it.

I’ve heard and seen this is a course fully designed in Flash and is known as being SCORM compliant. Roles consisted of major design style using a graphics library provided for motivation – also referring to an extensive document referring to colour schemes, gradient details, designs adverts and media representations. Very interesting!

I didn’t learn much about SCORM, however from what I was told it was simply a back-end running logging system to record details of users that login and take part in courses. One of the key features of SCORM included the fact that if a user quit the application half way, the user could pick up on where they last left off after re-launching the application. Quite revolutionary for Flash.

There was also a range of Actionscript 2.0 required for the back-end of the main pages and SWF files. Plug-ins which consisted of Voice of the Employee snippets (VOEs), videos and various custom-made animations and demos, which looked nothing like MSL animations!

I’ve learnt that these courses get sent back and forth to the client for continuing feedback to ensure the best possible outcome.

As for CA, they are nearly done. We’ve been editing foreign audio narration for a number of demos, which is a twist on the regular demos!

Good thing I’m fluent in French too! They let me have those ones!

Oh, and another thing, yesterday (Friday) – we were treated with a meal, complements from the company due to the handoff of various projects, but in particular, VS2008. That was nice!

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