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November 13th, 2007 – 10:50 am
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Just a quick update really. Again it’s one of those weeks where nothing new has really come in.
Work is still plodding along especially on Longhorn Courses.

Continued editing on clin5135ae_02_01_03_dem01 and 02_01_05_dem01. Re-recording was required. Moved on to new course SMSGR, sent back to us. Working on XML files correlating with HTML files and reviewing course documentation – set a target to manipulate modules 1 and 3 to HTML.

Compared the different modules associated with SMSGR.

Later during that week, continued some editing on troubleshooting one of the modules and again switching to more animation Flash production for Longhorn – more in particular synchronisation of the audio.

Audio synching usually happens at the very end of most courses. This is because audio needs to be sent to an external voice master expert company and the best time is to do that is usually at the end, as that’s when the step-list narration will be fully complete and matching the actual step-list procedures. Therefore, creating the animation ready for audio, will allow for the final stage of synchronising audio, which everyone loves pick up.

There’s not really much else to report on.

Oh wait there is:


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