June 12th, 2007 – 6:50 pm
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Finally! I’m done!

Today is Tuesday (as it says in the post – duh!) – and I am finished. Second year university is over since yesterday. Tennis coaching is gradually coming to an end at CLC (at last! Getting tired of it). My work placement begins this Monday (Yay can’t wait to start!) and the trip to Mauritius for 6 weeks is only 3.5 weeks away ( . <– thedotsaysitall)!

It has been one hell of a ride to get here, given all my commitments – but here I am…

Over the last few posts/months/weeks/days/hours/minutes and even to this very second… I have been talking about how busy I have been. It’s such a relief to have finally reached a stage where I can be (slightly) relaxed. Although university is over, I for one thing, have plenty more on my plate.

I was talking to some university friends the other week. Many of my friends were saying how amazing I am at my Multimedia work (and I am not just saying that : P). To my surprise, they each said this individually without conferring with one-another. It was quite a unique situation to be proud of : ).

Nevertheless, to have heard many of the same positive comments about my work and myself, was an encouraging thought to keep me motivated. Then again… It was at the same time, quite a coincidence as everyone was desperately trying to finish off their assignments to hand in before the deadline – so maybe the comments to me were just a hint for something else ; ).

I seem to be pretty good at what I do though. I know for a fact I put in the work when it comes to completing assignments. However, I have realised my main drawback in completing work –

Doing things all in the last minute.

Many university students complain about how the university module guides do not explain the assignment brief thoroughly enough. Hence, as most of my friends did (and myself in fact (only for one module!)), the commencing of an assignment a week before the actual deadline was inevitable.

I am usually not that fussy about what it says in the module guide, yet obviously follow it to the best I can. Generally the end product is exactly what they ask for – as I tend to coincidentally include things which they request in the first place. I suppose that is just proof of showing how I have the mind of a multimedia designer (just about!). As I continue the development of the assignment, I realise problems and provide solutions to them to satisfy my own issues and that of the module guide.

Starting an assignment is the most difficult part of university work.

It literally is. If you don’t know what your opening sentence is going to be or you don’t know which part of the assignment to start first – it seriously de-motivates you to even pursue further research/interest in what they ask for.

In my point of view, I found this to be the case for a lot of the modules this year.

Looking back, I’ve calculated that it takes me an average of 2.5 weeks of university time, before I actually pratically begin what I’m suppose to do for the assignment (e.g. Design the structure for the interface of the design).

In other words, if the whole assignment took me 10 hours to complete, 2.5 hours would be spent just staring at the module guide, write one paragraph if it is an essay type question, or click the link to JUST open the software required to develop the idea I have in my mind! After familairising myself with the techniques of working, I have a fair idea of what I am doing. But whatever it may be – it’s so hard to get started.

Many of my friends were desperately asking me for help. One friend even offered me money (quite a bit in fact!), to help him complete his assignment in a few days! I did refuse of course, given that I was also in the situation of having to complete all my work! But it didn’t stop me from helping him and as a result, he completed his assignment in the end. It kind of shows the similarities of my friends (i.e. being under pressure and stressing), but moreover the differences, in comparison to me (i.e. “chilling” and getting down to solving it).

As I gradually overcame problems to do with assignments, everything became less stressful.

You know, I never thought I’d really experience stress. That’s such an understatement. Everyone experiences stress, but I don’t actually tell myself I do.

However, on this occasion – I think only once, did I say to my brother (when he was visiting home)

“I’m so stressed : (.”

In response he simply said what most other people would have said:

“That’s life! Deal with it.”

Anyway, what makes me deal with stress? I think it’s my determination to know what level of work I can achieve. But I know one thing which helps me most. Friends.

I have friends who are experts in the field of work I would like to evolve around. These friends really have the answers to questions I never thought could be. But also my university friends. They are the ones who struggle with problems which I know. Spilling these problems over to me only exercises my mindset, activating solutions that are known to me, which in turn faciliates the recognition of answers to these problems.

Cheating? No. They don’t give me the answer to the problem – they guide me to my problems and insist I resolve it myself. They give me examples of how it could be done – extra scenarios, problems and exercises. They tell me to do these first before I even begin my own idea. I struggle, fight and conquer. But winning the battle of success to one problem always results in more!

The result? An effective design learnt and developed by myself.

The only way to progress in life is to learn from your own mistakes.

Ah well, with time off – I have loads to say! But I’m going to stop it there for this post. I’ll do more either later tonight as a new entry, or… well… whenever you see another post!


P.S. I mentioned Zahra. I win.

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