Farewell Content Master…

July 25th, 2008 – 4:35 pm
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I took the last week off as a holiday. Not that I planned that! But I just so happen to have four days holiday left. And four days next week were the last days of work for me. So the two fit together pretty well.

Towards the end of my industrial placement year, my workload started to ease off slightly and although there was still plenty to do, the deadlines were not quite as strict.

The main project most people were working on was one for the client Intel. This consisted of more Flash animation courses and presentations from a Microsoft Powerpoint decks.

I took on the role that I had become accustomed to, which involved graphical production for the animations and some synching of audio. This last week gave me a chance to reflect on the year as a whole, what I had learnt technically and how worthwhile I felt the year had been.

I had taken full charge of the certain projects, assisted and also helped to produce an internal advertisement video interview, which helped me gain experience in video recording, sound recording and editing. Coupled with this was the continuation to improve my graphical design skills provided by product group projects and Web site production skills.

And well, that was it. I’d finally completed a whole year at Content Master in working with a team of media producers. What an experience it was.

I’ll miss this time at Content Master. I smile at the fact that I get extra long holidays now!

But at the same time, I kind of miss the fact that I won’t get to see these guys every weekday anymore!

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