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February 8th, 2008 – 12:33 pm
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It’s been sometime since I last updated, however M1705 Expression Silverlight Marketing was coming to an end. I had been very very busy trying to develop the content that constantly kept coming back and forth.

There were numerous occasions where the product itself turned out not to be feature complete! In other words we kept receiving new versions of Expression Web 2.0 (must have counted at least 5 different versions!) to work from again as new features were being developed all the time.

Each new version had a different layout from time to time. However, I worked very hard in trying to produce a quality piece of work for the client. As the client was constantly coming back to ask about how it was going, they also noticed how it has been quite difficult for not just me, but the team as a whole to work on each product individually.

Nevertheless, I kind of cornered myself and worked vigorously at producing a quality dynamic Web Design, both based on ASP.NET and PHP, while integrating a CSS layout and dynamic field entries. The outcome was phenomenal. From my point of view I learnt a lot about the layout of Web sites. This was a huge learning curve for me these last few months – attempting to get to grips with a product that was not even ready to release to the public yet!

I clearly demonstrated all the features required in Expression Web 2.0, and documented them in a clear and concise manner – again – something I’d not done before but I felt it was an achievement. It has been a tough ride this course – definitely! The annoying parts were when changes were always being made during production and the client was expecting us to take it on board, while developing what they previously told the team to do.

I had finally produced an asset selection of five different Web sites, some of them previous designs I had done as I felt they could still be used even if they were inappropriate for now. The main design however was a complete success and the client was happy with the design.

There was a very strict deadline in completing this tutorial. And on top of that, we had to then take the main tutorial outlining every feature of Expression Web (or whatever product we were demonstrating) – and also create snippets/nuggets for them. Four nuggets to be precise, which basically involved going into even more depth about what was so special about the specific feature chosen.

The final outcome for this project included:

Microsoft Expression Web 2 – One Hour Demo – Step-list
Web 2 – Nugget 1 Standards-based web sites – Step-list
Web 2 – Nugget 2 CSS  Based Layout – Step-list
Web 2 – Nugget 3 Rich Data Presentation – Step-list
Web 2 – Nugget 4 Powerful Server Technology – Step-list

It was a tiring project and on top of that, I even had to work several weekends. But from what I was told, it was a successful one (in the end!). I felt proud that I had been one of the first in the world to use the product, before releasing to the public.

The showdown for this project was definitely the ASP.NET Web site I constructed. I was very pleased with the outcome and as a result, I have developed my Web site programming skills.

In reality however, this was a challenging project, as the client was in the US and the communication was difficult at times. I also found a lack of clear cut guidelines from the client, which meant at times there was wasted man power, which obviously meant more cost implications for Content Master.

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