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July 4th, 2008 – 12:43 pm
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It’s the last month of work! Wah! Time flies especially at the moment, when you’re enjoying the work coming your way. Just three more weeks here at Content Master.

I worked a little bit on T-Mobile but not much. It was under control by my colleagues. The hard part about projects like this though, is getting to grips and learning where everyone is at and then trying to adapt your design styles to what has already been created. I find it easier to work on projects like MDAS and T-Mobile (these are “Product Groups” projects) from the very start.

Anyway, I was put on yet another project that was under a strict deadline. I was only a helper in this project, but we all had to give our input in order to get the content complete.

M1841 – Service Readiness Training Nuggets were a set of short videos for Mobile Devices capable of viewing WMV files. They were aimed to be produced for a Silverlight platform too.

Although I was not involved technically with Silverlight applications, XAML or the back end of this system, I was put in charge of creating many of the vector graphics for the animations for consistency throughout the project. I created some excellent graphics to represent fairly bland and benign subjects, as well as design and implement these graphics for use on a Silverlight application on a web page, and for use on a mobile phone.

This was a very stressful project for the media developer in charge of production. Unfortunately for some members of the team, it meant working through the weekend too, to get the deliverables out on time. Something which is quite unfair. Why do our colleagues have to work weekends just to get the work done before a certain time? I suppose it’s going to happen on some occasions, but there are times when clients do no appreciate how long it takes to produce what they’re after.

This project was quite boring to be frank, given that the same content pretty much had to be redrawn up all the time, except for a change of a few words. But I did what I was told and did it the way it was suppose to be done.

So it’s off to work we go on the rest of M1841.

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