June 20th, 2008 – 4:23 pm
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On-going developments with MDAS-5100. I’m very much enjoying the construction of this course. It was a whole new eLearning course developed solely by our team with no outside templates.

I had created an introduction page where a pie chart flew in, demonstrating there are three segments to the course: planning, committing and executing.

I had done the definition page for each of these segments as floating signs – animating in as fast paced signs popping out from the side. The design was made like it was rushing in and then rushing out when another segment was clicked.

I designed a hand that rotates at particular angles depending on which of the fingers have been clicked. Each finger was associated with the acronym SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time.
And I am working on designing a multiple choice game at the moment.

The beauty of this course was the way the whole thing was put in to a shell/framework.

This meant anyone could be working on a particular part of the course, and it could simply be called in later at any time during the course. That way, we each took on certain sections of the course and built unique content specific to our knowledge and our creative skills.

These sections were all exported and linked in at the right time. Very useful when sharing work across a team. It’s just MDAS-5100 going on for now.

On another note, I received a magazine from one of the technologists today, who went on an exhibition based in the US. He brought back a laminated brochure detailing the release Microsoft Expression. In there was a publication of my work, outlining the Web site I had created and the features of the Web site that made it unique to Expression Web. I was extremely proud of this creation!

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