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October 10th, 2008 – 4:47 pm
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I decided to start up University tennis practice again today. I missed the first 2 weeks, as that was essentially me getting back in to uni mode!

Got all my modules sorted, been given all assignments and sorting out my time. It’s already feeling tough trying to prioritise, but today I kind of felt like leaving some of the work side of things and just going to Uni tennis practice.

Some good players there and hopefully I’ll be playing once again in the Men’s Uni team. I’ll probably be only able to do the home matches, or, if need be – the closest would be Bristol or Swindon.

But we have some good players this year. One rather large guy who hits the serve rather hard! But just got to start getting back to grips (get it! Grip!) with things. I enjoyed taking over half the session today! As much as my fellow friends who haven’t seen me in a while were doing well in organising 22 odd students to play tennis on 4 courts, it did get quite difficult at times.

Though thankfully with a background full of drills, I decided to step in and help them out! Turned out pretty well, as the whole tennis club now knows what I do and at least feel like they are going to have some fun at each session. Problem now is to grab a tonne of drills to perform at each session…

Unfortunately I might not always be able to make the 1:30pm to 3:30pm slots every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But I will try my utmost, given that I was asked eagerly whether I would be down on Monday. But yeah, I’ll hopefully have some nice involvement in tennis this year from a University perspective. From a coaching perspective that is limited.

But in this case, it will be a nice break from time to time to get my head around all this work!

I’ll snap up a few drills ready for Monday – which also reminds me – I will be starting my own Web site on that accord! I can’t wait!

Well done to all at the session though! I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed it!


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  1. hanna says:

    good, vry nice, carry on

    Comment made on October 10, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

  2. Amaranta says:

    Great work.

    Comment made on April 22, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

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