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July 11th, 2008 – 5:18 pm
Tagged as: Content Master

My colleague got rid of M1841 from their project list, however a few days later it came back. Fortunately another project came in the way of my colleague’s schedule, so it was put onto me!

I was glad all the creations of the Adobe Flash videos were created. That was the hardest/boring part! What came back was the quality at which they were exported at. At this point I knew what to do and therefore got straight down to business this week. It took a fair bit of research but I impressed Content Master with my fast deliverable skills in setting up an automated batch processing procedure for exporting over 120 videos from Flash to AVI and converting them to WMV.

What would have taken at least 40+ hours of man-power was significantly reduced to just one hour.

I was well chuffed with that process as were the team. Something that no one thought of.

Just for the record I couldn’t have done it without AutoIt3!

So most of this week was spent organising the Flash videos and which videos needed editing. As well the editing, the sound effect and visual introduction video on each Flash file was extremely low quality. Again, I have come to realise about this particular colleague and unfortunately I could tell the technique used was very basic which resulted in not obtaining and achieving desirable results, but instead to just want complete the project and get it out the way.

Then again, it was understandable as their situation was extremely unfair for the timescale given. But it wasn’t a problem either way. I was more than happy to rectify the situation. Got quite a bit of credit for it too!

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