Anyone for Mini Golf?

July 15th, 2008 – 12:55 pm
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Since November 2007 a new building was being built for the media department, test department and a couple of other individual scattered in Tortworth House.

Nevertheless, I got to spend a few days in the new building, moving my machine across and appreciating the newness smell as well as the expensive layout! It was such a treat for the team. However it was unfortunate, that myself and two others were leaving in a couple of weeks! The team would only be left with six media producers – half of what we originally started with.

Either way the building was awesome. Very modern yet preserved the countryside look and feel and the team was finally all in one building, rather than a ground floor and a basement. Just as Tortworth House was, the new building was placed in the countryside vicinity facing a great view of land, fields and mountains at the entrance door.

Well, I took seat at my new desk and I worked on my final project alongside the media developer in charge of it. IN002 – Intel came to Content Master seeking some professional animation skills, fully storyboarded and explained in detail. This project had already started several months ago, and was an on-going project by only one member of the team.

However M1841 was handed off last week. They were surprised at the quick response time, assuming it would take days for the export of videos again!

And so nine members remained and we all ended up working with Intel.

I didn’t get too involved with Intel’s content, but instead was simply told to draw graphical representations of live products. Therefore, I vectorized several images in my last week at Content Master, chilling out and letting the team appreciate the moments of relaxing after such a long year with myself and a few others who were leaving.

We even had a small mini golf putting championship as a celebration for having so much space at last! However, yes – this would be my last week of work.

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