Anis, demos and sims.

September 29th, 2007 – 12:53 pm
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Groove was coming to an end, so priority was to finish this. Therefore, for now, most production on VistaDell came to a halt, as the team were in need for finalising the release of Groove. This included building some extra animations in Flash. Also some demo corrections in Adobe Captivate came back after reviewing.

At the same time I had a chat with the eLearning manager about how I was doing and coping, about goals and aspects of my course in relation to what I can do here at CM that may help with my course next year.

I was introduced to simulations (sims) once again, but still didn’t really have much hands-on time with it.

This week was just chuck full of finalisation and checking of animations and demos for Groove. There were no simulations associated with this course, however I was asked by the eLearning manager to get to know sims, as there were plenty in VistaDell.

Started a bit of work on simulations this week, using Photoshop PSD’s to extract the correct images and publish the PNG’s – but I required more assistance which I told my manager.

Only one other person in the team really knew how to teach sims and help on that was only available the following week, as Groove was priority.

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