August 28th, 2007 – 1:13 pm
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I was still getting used to the virtual set up of the internal network.

However, by this time I also had my email account set up, which was necessary since I was getting involved in projects that required my input.

Emailing was a whole new scene for me, especially the methods which Content Master abides to. The Powerpoint deck project (Katmai) was becoming pretty tedious as the client kept coming back saying it was not what they expected.

However, from the eLearning department’s opinion, the work which myself and my colleague (who I might add, is known to be the graphics expert of the team and has been with the company for about 7 months) – felt it was of high standard.

In the end, the client agreed noticing a few of the animated features he missed out.

I got onto producing some animations using Flash CS2. I learnt how to use the vector graphics library and as per usual, use a uniform and structured layout when designing the animation in Flash. It was important to maintain consistency during development, in case I had to be pulled off the work I was working on for some reason. Therefore someone else could pick up from where I last left off knowing the methods used were familiar. This would also apply to me and for anyone else that would be in that same situation.

I used and learnt the features within Flash to develop a slick and meaningful animated story, for which gave a more insightful user-experience in learning about Windows XP OS. I had yet to add audio to my animation, but this would not be done until the following week as I was still in the developing stages for understanding the construction of animations.

However, I was pleased with my result and getting to see it sit in the framework for the final product – I felt like I had achieved a world targeted goal (as this was going to Microsoft to be published on their eLearning Web site).

The majority of this week was spent familiarising myself about the transition of storyboards to animations and the different techniques that support this.

I learnt about the naming convention too, specifically for animations.

crse6154ae_01_05_01_ani01 means:

crse = Course
6154 = Course number
ae = Part of a collection
_01 = Resides in Module 1
_05 = Part of Topic 2
_01 = Taught in Lesson 1
_ani01 = This is the first animation in that lesson

I was asked to install Adobe Captivate trial (for now) ready to use next week.

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