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June 27th, 2008 – 9:36 am
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By week four, there were a very few changes that needed altering in MDAS-5100.

However the content was near perfect and signed off by the client. They liked what they saw and this was without doubt one of the better courses Content Master has delivered.

The one main change made was the audio recording – which was done in-house. However, the male voice for one particular section was too quiet and even increasing the sound levels in software was not good enough. So we had to get it re-recorded. Unfortunately the individual who already originally recorded was on holiday for the rest of the week.

Nevertheless, I opened up a suggestion about a friend of mine who was a professional voice artist and would be happy to re-record within a day. In turn Content Master agreed and also agreed to pay him. My friend was chuffed about that!

Another huge addition was an idea suggested by myself in which the addition of an interactive PDA would give a lot more realism to the course. Given that the course was about an individual learning his ways of COS and how to apply it, the course had to feel like it was an interactive scene, whereby the user would receive emails from time to time which they would have to open or their phone rings or they were SMS hints to their PDA. They loved this idea and so did I!

But otherwise, we finished off the rest of COS (mid-week). We labelled all the correct files, put everything together and sorted out all the content and to sign off. Definitely my best project of the year.

For the rest of the week, I joined forces with another colleague to help him out with further animations to do with yet another bespoke media company – T-Mobile. Workload was increasingly coming in for T-mobile, a full course again similar to MDAS style. I helped with animations, including assistance with design and image selection.

I especially enjoyed the projects at this time, because I was not only developing my graphical skills and knowledge of the programs to use, but I also had to create a number of bespoke graphics and designs for use in a corporate environment.

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