Mauritius – Ile Aux Cerf

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That's the whole crew who guided us in parasailing. Gotta be brave and ask them all for line-up-shot! I like drawing. Check out my fish in the sand.
This was back on the main part of Ile aux Cerf - surrounded by restaurants and places to sit. It's just pure paradise! Out to the ocean. I can't believe I got to see the sea in that way. Just, speechless.
This photo is most likely the best photo I've taken in a while. Postcard style, it's a perfect scene to the end of the day. Water swooshing in from the sea. Started to get a little windy.
It's amazing - on one side of the island it's SUPER hot and on the other side is SUPER windy. Seriously... and it's only about 100m apart! Crazy! Started to get cold, lost my balance and nearly slipped and hit rocks haha (I dunno why I'm laughing - some serious rocky edges there!). Luckily I had found a bamboo stick and managed to hoist myself back up-right.
Eek, the exposure shot up! Still a nice shot though. That - that is a crab. It was tiny! But was crawling like mad!
Mine and my sister-in-law's sand castle. Had to be done. My sister-in-law all excited and ready to go!
I don't know what it is about this pic, but it reminds me of one of those moments where I've successfully landed and I'm looking as if "Yeah, that was me! Up in the air! Yep! Me!" Haha.  
Photos 21 - 33 out of 33 | Back to Albums
Description: Summer holiday in Mauritius - my home land. Although in this case, we travelled to an alternate land close by - Ile aux Cerf
Location: Mauritius