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January 5th, 2008 – 3:51 pm
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Well after a long break (off for being ill too – booo!), it took a bit of time to get back into the routine of work.

Nevertheless, things really picked up at the start of the year – and not being there at the beginning of week one in January didn’t help at all. I was simply chucked in the deep end, and it was not a pretty sight!
I was being asked to develop several Expression Web, Web sites, ready to be shown to the client by the end of this week. For the content and my experience in the software (only having about a week to get the hang of it), I felt this was slightly unfair! Yet apparently, this was part of the job.

I was given a slight head-start as one of my colleagues had already started on some designs for me at last week. I was grateful that I had something to look at! It gave me an indication for what the client was looking for, yet I also needed to develop a whole bunch of temporary functional Web sites, while demonstrating the features of Expression Web.

I found it challenging and quite demoralising at first as I still didn’t know where to start. I managed to pick up from where I last left off, on the previous design I did before Christmas. This helped to contribute to two designs. These were at least ready to show the client.

I had to demonstrate a “pretty” static Web site, a dynamic Web site allowing the user to interact with particular entry fields. A PHP Web site and an ASP.NET Web site…

So… I was thinking…

“Yeah right! In a week!?”

This was a one-man job too! I managed to hand off two of the Web sites, and gave preliminary mock up designs for the further two.

It was all good in the end and I still had time ahead of me to work on the next steps to this project!

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