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June 3rd, 2008 – 9:06 am
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Although I haven’t updated the last week of May, it was a continuation of the first week in June. Things were quite slow back then – nothing really on. So I had one day in work this week then the rest of the time was holiday! Woohoo! 6-day weekend. It’s amazing how your appreciate time off when working in the world of work!

Anyway quick recap – from the end of last month to the beginning of this month, I was (for the first time) – assigned a solo project to do with CSS skinning customisation for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) full template for company called White Concierge (project code C1010). My job was to locate the relevant files of MOSS and brand it to CSS standard making sure it matched their current colour scheme. Certain MOSS plug-ins was also being developed by the technicians. I was not involved in creating the custom controls involved in ASP.NET and integrated into MOSS, but I had to style them to make sure they were in the correct places.

It took quite some time to get into this project, given that there were over 400 different HEX values associated with the colour schemes in at least five different CSS files. Though I found the core CSS file for the main section to edit, it was also associated with other external files which I had to locate and edit.

I ended up requesting a Virtual PC with the latest version of MOSS which the technicians were working on, so I had the live content to work from. There were hundreds of alterations that were required to turn the skin from sky blue to corporate brown and white. It was also necessary to locate the corresponding colours in all areas of MOSS to maintain a consistent theme. I repeatedly kept checking the layout in the VPC to ensure the changes were being made in all areas of navigation.

Soon enough I got used to the theme and I was up to speed with locating the correct sections. I had to learn the layout of the CSS files in order to move colour schemes around appropriately. I obtained feedback quite early on only to find I successfully impressed the company with such a quick turnaround (max of four days).
Although another tedious project, in the end I enjoyed scurrying around a whole new tool, both its file structure and its functional content. I found it useful to get to know MOSS’s features.

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