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October 13th, 2006 – 1:32 am
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Well I thought I’d do a quick update on how I think I’m doing. Lol, that sounds so sad. The point is though – recently, I’ve really noticed that I haven’t done as much work as I would have liked to.

There have been many factors playing a part in it. However, from what I can tell, I have it all planned out, ready to get on with. It’s all in my head though! The worst place for it to be right now! Argh!

I managed to fit some of it on the whiteboard in the back of my room. Lol at the random words I wrote on there. Nevertheless, they are all meaningful in their own way and will help to remind me about the things to include in my work.

I spent some time on Monday with my good friend Kintay (Tom Penny), who had his birthday. I bought some interesting sphere shaped designs (unique is what he likes, I think!) and also bought lunch for him (which cost quite a lot – good ‘ol Costa!) Again, this was an unplanned event, which kind of put me in a difficult position given my schedule with other committments. However, I still managed to fit all that was necessary during that day as well as enjoy it.

Tuesday I attended lectures in the morning at Park. However I needed to leave half way through the lecture to attend another lecture (which I have to do for another two weeks). The lecture that falls in my normal timetabled one is to do with placements. Should I wish to go on a placement next year – I have to attend these lectures on Tuesday. They clash in one of my main (core) lectures, but I should be ok!

They give vital information regarding how to go about getting a good placement opportunity. At the same time, this website – this is actually part of it. I need to at least make the effort to add a further article each week to the pages list (actually I should be able to do more than that! Blah!).

Coaching wasn’t too bad on Tuesday afternoon at the Cheltenham Ladies College. All my students turned up, so I got straight on with the lessons. They all enjoyed it and even better, I’m applying a lot of psychological aspects to the lessons which they love! (I do go mad when it comes to tennis and psychology! Crazy I say… Hehe).

Wednesday I had University Tennis trails. That was a breeze and I’ve made the team just fine. I have to, again, prioritise carefully, as there are matches coming up, both home and away (no not the soap : p ).

Today, I went to Park Campus where my friend kindly tutorialised me on the lectures I missed yesterday (Wednesday) due to the tennis trials. He was great and I don’t know how I’d do the things he showed me, if he wasn’t around! Thanks Ceido (Finlay Belcher)!

To be honest with myself, all these extra involvements I get into only reflect back to less time I have for my university project work. Then again, my feelings over this are to remain the same. I suppose I’m to cope with the way things go and take all future events on board, as and when required.

You might notice a few more posts which are passworded too. That’s private : ).

Ergh it’s late. My laptop battery is about to die. I Need some sleep now.

Hmm… battery die… me sleep… why did I just think those two were connected in some way?

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  1. Fiona says:

    LOL u make me laugh zayd. awwww bless you :) awwwwwwwww lol. i cant stop laughin/smilin. ha ha just the way you ‘talk to yourself’

    sorry i’m not taking the piss if you think i am.
    it’s the kind of thing id say in my mind. just i talk to myself in my mind, i talk about the event that hav happened and pretend someones listening. that sort of thing almost lol.

    Comment made on October 20, 2006 @ 11:32 pm

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